3 Reasons to Buy an Air Conditioner This Spring

Spring has sprung in beautiful Johannesburg, although it might not feel like it. But, before you know it, summer will be here and it will be warm and sunny. Summer temperatures in Johannesburg can rise to 30℃ and up, with the warmest months being January and February. To be completely honest, getting through summer without an air conditioner can be extremely challenging.

That said, waiting until summer to purchase an air conditioner, might not be the best idea for more reason than one. Let’s have a look at why it’s better to buy your air conditioner unit now, during spring:

1.Scheduling Flexibility
During summer, air conditioning companies Johannesburg are busy installing, repairing and servicing air conditioning systems. Waiting until summer would mean longer waiting periods for your installation or maintenance calls due to the increase in demand. Take advantage of scheduling flexibility spring has to offer.

2. Increased Prices
When you purchase an air conditioner in spring, there’s no rush to make a purchase. The increased demand in summer not only increases the price but you’ll have to choose whatever is available. If you plan your aircon purchase for spring, you’ll have ample time to compare various units to ensure you might the best decision.

AS Aircon & Refrigeration can evaluate your home to make sure you get the correct size for optimal cooling. Additionally, proper sizing can save you money in operating efficiency and extend the lifespan of your AC unit.

3. Beat the Heat
When summer hits in Johannesburg, you want to be ready for it. Installing an air conditioning unit now, while the weather is still comfortable will save you and your family from unbearably hot, sticky days and nights.

At AS Aircon & Refrigeration, we’ve installed, maintained and repaired air conditioning systems in Johannesburg for more than 10 years. To discuss your home’s air conditioning needs, get in touch with the team today!

Air Conditioning: common sense tips from an experienced technician.

Air conditioning by AS Aircon definitely makes life more comfortable.

Almost all of us enjoy and appreciate the comfort air conditioning provides, and I hope the information on this page, and on the other pages of the site, will help you keep your air conditioning by AS Aircon running efficiently, and maybe even help you save some money on service calls and power bills.

If you’re a technician, you might find some information on this page, and on the other pages of the site, that helps make your job a little easier.

The best way to keep air conditioning by AS Aircon, or anywhere for that matter, running efficiently, is to keep the filters clean, and clean the evaporator and condenser coils (and fans, when they need it) on a regular basis.

We have a thorough explanation of this on our air air conditioning maintenance page, and if you own a window air conditioner, you might want to read our page about how to clean window air conditioners.

If you’re having a problem with your air conditioning by AS Aircon and want to try to get it running yourself before you call for service, read your owner’s manual carefully one more time; and you might find something that will help you on our air conditioning problem page, which was written as a basic troubleshooting guide for people who aren’t technicians.

Keep the owner’s manual for your air conditioner in a safe place.

Good manuals will have the wiring diagram and a troubleshooting guide for the air conditioner.

These will help you, or a technician, troubleshoot your unit more efficiently; which will help get your unit running sooner, and can even save you money in labor costs.

If you don’t have the manual for your unit, I’ve searched the web sites of the major brands of air conditioning by AS Aircon to see where you can get manuals on-line.

You can find manuals for Carrier residential units at www.residential.carrier.com; and for Carrier commercial units at www.carrieruniversity.com.

I think any dealer on island would be happy to give you a copy of the owners manual for your unit, but if it’s an older model, they might not have it on hand.

In that case go to the web site of your units manufacturer, use their “Contact” page, give them the model and serial number of your unit, and request an owner’s manual.

If you’re planning to install some air conditioning and have never done it before, our air conditioning installation page describes the procedure.

To keep your outdoor unit as corrosion-free as possible, don’t put it where water can run off the roof and drip on it.

It’s best to install it with good overhead protection so that no roof run-off drains on it, or put it out in the open exposed to direct rain

I’ve observed that units installed in these types of locations last longer, and corrode at a much slower rate, than units that have roof water dripping and draining on them.

If you’re shopping for air conditioning by AS Aircon, you might be wondering which brand to buy.

A unit from any of the major American or Japanese brand names that have been by AS Aircon for years will work fine.

You’ll be depending on your air conditioner for years, so why not shop for it the way you shop for a car?

Take a look at the dealer and their personnel.

Do they look and act professional?

Does the dealer have a parts department and a shop area?

Do they stock parts for the model you’re buying?

Do they have a service manual for the model you’re buying?

What are the details of the warranty?

Shop and compare,

Let your pocketbook be your guide,

And get the best price and warranty you possibly can.

Read the warranty for your new air conditioning by AS Aircon carefully.

I expect you’ll find that the warranty covers labor for work done Monday through Friday during normal working hours, but it doesn’t cover the overtime labor for evening and weekend service calls.

The reason is simple: the manufacturers only warranty labor at the regular hourly rate, and won’t pay the dealer for overtime.

As a matter of fact, the manufacturers usually have a set schedule of labor allowed for any type of warranty work, and I’ve never seen a manufacturer’s schedule that realistically covered all the time required to do the repairs out in the field.

The dealer doesn’t get re-imbursed for any travel, troubleshooting, and repair time that exceeds the manufacturer’s warranty schedule, so please keep this in mind if you call for warranty work after normal working hours, or on the weekend.

If you’re trying to get the best service possible for your air conditioning by AS Aircon, the best thing to do is ask your family and friends if they have personal experience with a company or technician who provided them with excellent service.

If you’re a new technician getting started in our trade, and looking for ways to improve your proficiency on the job, “Modern Refrigeration and Air Conditioning” is a great textbook, and you’ll find a review of it on our HVAC Book page.

If you’re interested, our A/C circuit & cycle diagram page covers the basics of how the air conditioning cooling process works; and our A/C schematic page explains how to read a basic air conditioning electrical schematic.

You’re also welcome to read our free Introduction to Air Conditioning and Refrigeration e book.
It’s 98 pages of basic information, re-printed from a military training manual.

For new or experienced technicians working on air conditioning by AS Aircon, our System Evaluation Manual has cycle diagrams, and guidance on how to evaluate pressures and temperatures for air conditioning and refrigeration systems, including air cooled and water cooled reciprocating chilled water plants.

You also might want to take a look at our air conditioning and electrical troubleshooting chart, which is 7 pages, re-printed from a military training manual.

And if you work on Trane package units, our page about troubleshooting Trane air conditioning controls explains how to troubleshoot Trane’s solid state UCP controls.

Please feel free to contact me with any specific HVAC questions you might have, including questions about refrigeration by AS Aircon, or air conditioning by AS Aircon; or if you have questions or comments about this site.